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Tata Automobile Corporation SA (Pty) Ltd, is the authorised Distributor of Daewoo Commercial Vehicles in South Africa. We started marketing the Novus products in 2005 and although the Novus range was only launched South Africa in March 2005, it had in a short time made serious inroads into the trucking environment.

From inception, we have sold over 5,000 Daewoo models in South Africa through retail channels, exports as well as Government departments.

In 2017 based on overall product portfolio plan for South African markets, bigger product portfolio is awaiting launches in phases. Hence separate teams have been readied to support upcoming plans for South Africa.

Milestones of Daewoo products in South Africa:

  1. 2005 onwards: K5DEF (10m³ tipper), K5MVF (6m³ Concrete Mixer), K7CEF (6x4 rigid), V3TVF (6x4 truck tractor) and M2SEF (4x2 truck tractor).
  2. 2013: V3TXF (6x4 truck tractor, 480HP and AMT) entry into long haul segment.
  3. 2017: Introduction of Maximus range, KL3TX (6x4 truck tractor, 480HP, AMT) – exclusive truck designed for South African markets.

The Daewoo range has proven its worth with salient features such as comfort, ergonomics, safety and driveability and has been adapted and optimised for South Africa operating conditions and offers low operating costs which is backed by excellent service support and easy availability of spares.

Dealer Network

With a network of dedicated Dealers around South Africa, the Daewoo products are effortlessly maintained by qualified technical personnel with adequate knowledge as well as tools and equipment for diagnostics.

In addition to the after sales back up, we have a fully- fledged spare parts stock holding at our warehouse in Johannesburg hence improving spares availability to the network, with 24-hour turn-around time, resulting in shorter periods of vehicles being off road.

To further enhance the experience of the Daewoo brand in South Africa, we offer free-of-cost training at our training school in Johannesburg for mechanical, technical and sales personnel.

We also have a dedicated driver trainer available for conducting driver training which is vital for the drivers of the trucks to ensure correct driving and knowledge of the vehicle, ensuring improved life-cycle costs through efficient operation of the vehicles.

The Daewoo Range is being assembled at our plant in Rosslyn, Pretoria which electively reduces supply time to customers.

Our dedicated 24/7 breakdown centre number is: 082 060 0461

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